Please donate to the Dzanc Books Write-A-Thon!

Go here for my donation page. Once you click donate, please type my name in the “purpose” button. It’s all fairly simple and it’s for a good cause!

Thank you.

More about the Write-A-Thon:

The morning of the 15th, [Dzanc Books] will send out a prompt or topic, and [they] will post it on their website.  Writers will then spend the day writing stories, poems, or essays, using that prompt or topic.

Those donating will be sent proof of [writers’] participation via email. [Dzanc Books] will send out the proof of participation notices beginning on Monday the 17th.

Those donating can then either complete their donation via Paypal (see the button to the right), or by sending a check made out to Dzanc Books. [Their] goal for this event is $20,000. To put this in a proper context, that would pay for just under 3 full Dzanc Writer in Residence Programs.

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