French Fries and the Beauty of Democracy

When Jefferson Market, our beloved neighborhood cafe, closed its doors last year, we all cried.  Literally.  My son and I mourned especially that their french fries would be forever gone.  Jefferson Maket has since re-opened under new ownership, and yet our grief continues: the new owners don’t make fries.

But this morning, I found out that all that’s changed, thanks to a petition signed by over 60 kids.  The petition is pinned to the wall, and over it, the announcement that on one Tuesday every month, fries will be on sale all day for two bucks.  The first of these magical Tuesdays?  This one coming up: election day.

I don’t want to get to carried away here, but I probably will.  I’m thrilled, and not just because there’ll be fries, but because the democratic system worked for those kids.  They were told that they had the right to ask, and that those on the other end had a right to either approve or not.

I am excited about those kids and their future. Let them eat fries. And vote.

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