Weather Shift

The weather is shifting to real Winter mode here in Michigan.  For me, that means I will try to hibernate and spend the Winter writing on the new typewriter (which is becoming more and more beautiful to me now that my macbook is prone to random shutdowns and data-erasing).  Everyone often comments on how the second novel is hell to write.  Zadie Smith wrote somewhere that it is often a process in repudiation of the one the writer undertook for her first book.  That was the case for me until recently.  Recently, I have begun to wonder how exactly I managed to write my first draft of the first novel. I am superstitious by nature, so I am wondering if duplication of the conditions (poverty, sleep-deprivation, etc.) would be effective.  Of course, I don’t actually want to go there; for one thing, the first novel was written in a hot climate whereas this one is struggling to be born in a very cold one.  Still, it has me wondering how other writers cope with the second baby.

4 thoughts on “Weather Shift

  1. If the second novel is a repudiation of the process for the first book…then you’re on a good vector. Wintry cold to begin with! I wish you luck and send you positive thoughts.

  2. natural born writers like you will get their second baby easier,just close your eyes and the first page will pop up with the best start,clear and simple.

  3. First novels will always have a fire that the second doesn’t. Added to that are the often differing external factors (you: climate, me: sudden motherhood). I think we have to find a new way of working.

  4. I think it’s true that the fire of the second doesn’t seem as strong or, well, fiery. I hope the external factors and some internal ones as well will at least help ignite a small- but steady!-flame…

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