Back from Heaven

The Mr. and I went on a heavenly pre-honeymoon to London and Paris for “Spring” break.  It was utterly fabulous, inspiring, fulfilling, and exhausting.  We walked until we gimped, and ate and drank like kings and queens.  Some of my favorite spots include visits to the Saqi bookstore in Bayswater, where I bought a copy of the new Egyptian comic novel,  ‘Ayza tgawwiz (I Wanna Get Hitched), which I really want to translate.  Also, we visited Proust, Moliere, and Oscar at Pere Lachaise and swilled good chardonnay disguised in Pellegrino bottles.  We walked to the Marais as often as we could from our Latin Quarter hotel room, which was the best thing that’s happened to us in decades.  We ate cheese and macarons and visited dreamy pubs and museums and walked along the Thames and the Seine.  We took trains, taxis, and long piss breaks in water closets.  It was divine.  And now, we want to move.  Michigan’s highest unemployment rate in the country is encouraging us to flee.  And we’re excited to start over.

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