Greetings from my new desk

1600 miles and many rest stops later, I’ve moved to California’s central valley. I’ve just joined the English Department and MFA program at CSU Fresno and I’m so excited to begin teaching creative writing again.

Of all the things I hope to teach/drill into my students, revision will probably top the list.  I’ve been revising my new novel since January and, just as it was with the 1st novel, revision is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do. Machete-ing darlings left and right, re-routing the protagonist, playing with chronology, introducing new characters better, deepening their relationships to each other, and saving all my good ideas for the novel, not this blog- wink, wink.

One thought on “Greetings from my new desk

  1. You are amazing–so many MFA programs don’t even tackle revision (I emerged from mine without an understanding of it-the one piece of advice from faculty being, “I don’t revise. I just start over.”) Uh. And so now I’m learning the hard way.

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