10 Arab-American Writers in the Huffington Post

Writers such as Hayan Charara, Sinan Antoon, Nathalie Handal, and myself answer the question, “What is distinctive about Arab-American writing today?” Some of my favorite quotes:

“It’s not easy being a barbarian in Rome. The Romans rarely listen, but the barbarian has to keep it real.” – Sinan Antoon

“Arab American poetry is and has been aesthetically as varied as any other American poetry, but that discussion still takes a backseat (in a minibus) today.” – Fady Joudah

“[W]e have formed quasi-familial bonds and carried on critical and creative conversations in ways that echo the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts, and other key moments in ethnic-American writing.” – Phil Metres

“We’re doing our best to help people out of the identity trap–to stop looking at us, and to look at our words.” – Hayan Charara

“[Our writing] has developed the confidence to be American–and this is important–to be American without having to apologize or explain itself.” – Laila Halaby

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