Garlic Goodness, Part 2

In the Fall of 2008, back when I still lived in Michigan, I was in love with the garlic sauce that was a staple in every great Arabic restaurant there. I posted then about my obsession with the sauce– and how that obsession netted me not a recipe, but a strange convo with a Lebanese short order cook who didn’t know where the Middle East began and ended– but since then, have relied on others to make the sauce for me.

Then I moved to California, and everything changed…in terms of my dependence on others for garlic sauce. Because no one in the central valley makes the kind of garlic sauce I like- white, creamy, and very garlicky. Probably because there are no Lebanese restaurants in my town.

So I went on an online search for the best sauce. I tried a couple of recipes, but none really made the cut. I’d stick my index finger in the batch, close my eyes, hope for transcendence, but then- nothing. It was like that time I tried to have sex with Oscar Wilde- dead + gay = no sexy times for me.

Then, I found a recipe that came with a video, and from the look of it, the sauce seemed “right.” So I tried to make it this morning. It took a couple of batches, but then, I stuck my finger in and- MAGIC.

Here is the recipe. Enjoy! And, you’re welcome.

‎1.5 tablespoons fresh garlic, minced
Squeeze of a lemon
1/4 cup canola oil, a little at a time
2 cold egg whites
pinch of salt
1/4 cup canola oil, a little at a time

Mix in a food processor in that order, slowly, for 2 minutes total or so.


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