AWP Conference 2013, March 6-9, Boston

This year’s AWP Conference will have presentations by lots of writers I admire and respect, including Adonis, who will be presenting with Khaled Mattawa; George Saunders; Peter Ho Davies; Z.Z. Packer; and others.

I’ll be presenting on a panel focusing on literary magazines with university presses, as well as on the only panel dedicated to Arab-American writers:

Saturday, 9-10:15. Arab American Writing in the 21st Century: A Reading and Discussion. (Randa Jarrar, Alicia Erian, Hayan Charara, Glenn Shaheen) Room 207, Level 2. Four award-winning Arab American writers will present rich, multilayered, and quintessentially American poems, essays, and fiction. Writers will discuss topics such as the burden of responsibility post-9/11 versus post-Arab Spring, whether Arab American literature is seen through an anthropological rather than a literary lens, and the dangers and rewards of writing about family.

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