Postcards from Buenos Aires

I recently visited Buenos Aires for a week to celebrate the beginning of Summer. There, I went to incredible cafes, like Tortoni, and saw El Ateneo, a gorgeous bookstore in a 20’s cinema palace. 970678_10151403642667056_401026238_n 431858_10151403642737056_2127005677_n6468_10151403642932056_1581048580_n 485698_10151403637437056_1670539898_n 487214_10151398025867056_492372546_n 971211_10151399715207056_178021087_n 944553_10151399715042056_51826750_n 602448_10151403642992056_478566038_n 487355_10151398023827056_1285376394_n 484789_10151395244222056_2124318760_n I also saw a room lined with unicorn heads, Evita’s tomb at the Recoleta cemetery, a statue of Mafalda, one of my comic book sheros, and visited the Teatro Colon as well as museums such as the MALBA and the PROA. Traveling makes me feel alive, and inspires and informs my writing. As challenging as writing a book is, there’s nothing like taking a trip away from it to see it, and yourself, anew.

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