Back to School

This week, I taught my first set of classes– I’m teaching a graphic novels class to graduate students, and an MFA workshop. So far, my students are lovely. I adore them, and I’m excited to read and write and discuss writing with them.

The funniest part of being a professor, I think, is the bureaucratic element. This is the aspect of teaching that is not often spoken of– committees, meetings, paperwork, etc– but can take up as much time as the teaching and the prepping.  I’ve found the best way to deal with this is the way I deal with almost everything- with humor. So here’s a picture of me handing paperwork to a skeleton in the nearby Anthropology department, where a committee I’m in held a meeting. 


Good luck to everyone out there who is teaching or taking classes or working on a writing project. Fall can be such a wild & inspiring time.

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