I liked Giraldi’s review. There, I said it. But, the thing is, I’ve been afraid to say it. I don’t want to upset people I respect, like Dave Daley, editor of FiveChapters, who made a mysterious FB post when the review first went up, saying that “[w]hat the New York Times Book Review has doneContinue reading

New essay

“When I was 18 and about seven months pregnant, I bumped into a friend of my mother’s at the clinic.” That’s the beginning of my new Lives essay in this week’s New York Times Magazine. You can read the rest here. (The essay’s title, “Eighteen & Pregnant,” is not one I chose, and I findContinue reading “New essay”

Lamia Ziade’s Bye Bye Babylon

I just finished reading the graphic memoir Bye Bye Babylon, and loved it. In Maira Kalman-esque pictures, Ziade recreates the lost objects and places of her youth in newly war-torn Beirut, showing us the different military factions, the senseless destruction of buildings, culture, and human life. First, she shows us the bright, bubbly objects of pre-warContinue reading “Lamia Ziade’s Bye Bye Babylon”

A young Arab-American woman’s list of hopes for Arab-American Literature

I’m lucky enough to teach an Arab-American lit class at Fresno State– it’s officially an Arab-American Women’s Fiction class, but I also teach some poetry, comics, and non-fiction, too– and one of the assignments I gave my class was to think about what direction they think Arab-American literature seems to be going, and what directionContinue reading “A young Arab-American woman’s list of hopes for Arab-American Literature”