AWP Conference 2013, March 6-9, Boston

This year’s AWP Conference will have presentations by lots of writers I admire and respect, including Adonis, who will be presenting with Khaled Mattawa; George Saunders; Peter Ho Davies; Z.Z. Packer; and others. I’ll be presenting on a panel focusing on literary magazines with university presses, as well as on the only panel dedicated toContinue reading “AWP Conference 2013, March 6-9, Boston”


Last night I was thinking, as one does, about Positive K’s “I Got a Man” and Sami Ali & Sahar Hamdy’s “Elli Shatrit ‘Enhaa Tgannen.” Here’s the Egyptian song: And here’s “I Got a Man:”   Both songs are duets between a sexually eager man and an independent, tough-talking woman. In “Elli Shatrit ‘Enhaa Tgannen,”Continue reading “Duet”

I liked Giraldi’s review. There, I said it. But, the thing is, I’ve been afraid to say it. I don’t want to upset people I respect, like Dave Daley, editor of FiveChapters, who made a mysterious FB post when the review first went up, saying that “[w]hat the New York Times Book Review has doneContinue reading